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Alabama Crimson Tide
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Movies/TV Shows/Books
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Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line
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And now, for something completely different.
Monty Python

I knew what you were up to Penguin so I gently coated my stomach with buttermilk.

He's dead, Jim.
Leonard McCoy

As God is my witness I though Turkeys could fly.
Mr. Carlson

It's a dog-eat-dog world and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear.
Norm Pederson

CROW: Get a bunch of women together, it's either witchery or a wedding shower.

Okay, here is where you will learn what some of my favorite TV shows, movies, and books are...if you really want to know that is.

I have to admit that I have rather peculiar taste in the things that I find entertaining...well, maybe peculiar isn't the right word, but rather varied...although some of the things I like most would definitely classify as peculiar.